Literary critic Hike Hambartsumyan and translator Shushan Karapetyan are our guests

The Bangladesh Plein Air is underway. 

Today, on the 15th of June within the framework of the Translational Review 2017 the educational complex had very interesting guests: literary critic Hike Hambardzumyan and translator Shushan Karapetyan.

The main topic of the meeting was the book “Holy Mother’s Wind” by a Nobel Prize winning Greek poet Odysseas Elytis. Shushan Karapetyan translated this book into Armenian. It was worth seeing how excitedly the translator was talking about her favorite job, how she enjoyed the process of translating, how she described the pleasure with which she played with two languages, choosing this or that word and even creating her own words.

A very important point in the process of translation is the controversial problem whether to keep to the original version or to change it to the advantage of the native language. On one hand, there is the traditional approach, which is to preserve the native language and not to break any rules. And there is another approach, which was supported by Shushanik Karapetyan and Mr. Bleyan, according to which the translator is free to impart the stylistic peculiarities of the original work even by creating new words, which are not included in the dictionaries. It is important for the translators not to be afraid to pass limits. Both these aproaches are important.

The next part of the discussions was held to the sounds of Greek symphonic music. This is a very interesting fact: the Greeks usually combine poetry and music. This is a nice opportunity to spread their favourite poetry and make it popular with people.

At the end of the meeting the guests were given presents: pottery items made by the students of the educational complex.

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