Theatre Festival on the Second Day of the Bangladesh Plein Air

Today, on the second day of the Bangladesh Plein Air, right on the school open air stage the visitors of the Art school could see two very exciting performances.

The first one was the miniature picture based on Khnko Aper’s “Bad Friend”. It was performed by the students of the 6th grade. The director of the performance was Mrs. Anush, a mother of three students of the educational complex. The performance was prepared during the summer camp in June.

The second one was the mono performance “Thoughts” by graduating student Areg Tonoyan. The spectators enjoyed the play in a very interesting and unique interior in the so called “underground platform”

It was a beautiful performance about a sad love story and deep feelings.

After this the visitors were shown a master class on making puppets. The master class was given by Samvel Khodikyan. He taught how to make puppets and different dolls for school performances by using plasticine, paper, glue and fabric.


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