One day of 'Bangladesh plein air'

Hello, I am Mane. I take part in our school summer camp and the so called ''Bangladesh plein air'' .

Today I came to our Marble hall, where we had the general training. Our guests from Georgia and the village Anipemza joined us for singing and dancing. 

Then my friends and me together with our teacher Armine Abrahamyan had our rehearsal for a school play devoted to Yeghishe Charents. I am not going to tell about it in details, as we are going to perform it tomorrow. We invite you to come and see our play! 

Then we went to the Art school, took part in Levon Abrahamyan's class. We learned how puppets for animated movies are made. We made the characters of Atabek Khnkoyan's poem ''Assembly of Mice''. My friend Lusine and I were making a mouse. I made its ears. 

I had a very nice day. Bye!

Mane Boyakhchyan
Teacher: Astghik Poghosyan

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